Iceland Time Lapse

 Iceland Time Lapse


 went on a trip to Iceland last year and what can I say… This is one gorgeous country. I have never seen so much beauty in one place and I was absolutely amazed by the island. It is as if someone decided to put everything interesting nature has to offer in one spot. A little volcano here, a steep cliff there, sprinkle some blue icebergs in between, put some of the biggest waterfalls over there, and on and on…

I decided to use this opportunity to shoot some time lapse again – which is a passion of mine – and to try out my (then new) “Kessler Stealth” camera slider. You can see the result here and if you are interested in how I created the video please have a look at the pictures and short videos. The process itself is prett simple: the camera takes a pictures every two seconds or so and moves slowly along the slider for roughly half an hour. These Imagesequences are then stitched together afterwards to create a moving time lapse.

I must say this slider – as sturdy as it is – is also nothing you want to simply take with you. Only do it if you know what you can expect. This thing is bloody heavy! Fortunately we had a car and enough time. So that way I could jump out of our Toyota from time to time set up the shot and just enjoy the landscape for some minutes. This leads to a slow but Zen-like travel I must say :).

There was one occasion where I shot the “blue icebergs” and right at that very moment one of them collapsed right in front of me. I hectically turned my camera around and couldn’t believe my eyes. But fortunately I got it on camera and so I could insert the shot in the final video. See for yourself just how tiny the little boat right next to the iceberg is!

Anyways, please enjoy the pictures and share your opinion in the comments. Do you like the result? Have you been to Iceland yourself? Did you visit the same spots?


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